Strathskye Tartan Kilting Sample

Request a sample swatch of our Naturally Dyed Tartan, Strathskye, here.

This new and original tartan is a collaboration between Knockando Woolmill and Shilasdair Yarns, Skye's natural dyers. Knockando Woolmill designed and wove the tartan on the restored Victorian Dobcross shuttle loom with the naturally dyed yarns from Shilasdair. The tartan pattern incorporates aspects of the vibrant, natural landscape of both Skye and Strathspey. Blues and greens from the hills, sea and sky accentuated by the red of cresting sunsets and the bright yellow of the freely flowering tansy.

One of the characteristics of dyeing from natural materials can be tonal variation within the shade. Although this could be considered a fault in modern dyeing practices, it is a classic hallmark of naturally dyed yarn, adding to its authentic charm.

Traditionally woven on a shuttle loom this woolen spun cloth has the all important finished edged to form the hem of the kilt, and is also suitable for other apparel and soft furnishings.

Woven in Scotland.

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