Our story

Knockando Woolmill has been manufacturing traditional Scottish woollens continuously since at least 1784. It was always a vital element of our rural economy as it processed fleeces from local flocks and converted them into knitting yarn, blankets or tweed. The Mill developed over the centuries from servicing hand spinners and weavers to almost full mechanisation. Most of these district mills disappeared in the 1930s but somehow Knockando survived.

Skills were passed on from generation to generation, culminating in one of our current weavers and former owner, Hugh Jones. It is now owned by the Knockando Woolmill Trust which was awarded significant funding to restore the buildings and machinery, train new spinners and weavers and keep manufacturing going well into the future. Restoration work on site began in 2010 and the Mill was fully operational and open to the public from 1st June 2012, giving the Woolmill a whole new lease of life.

We are developing new products as well as re-vitalising old ones, such as the production of natural knitting yarns and bespoke tartans & tweeds. 

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