New in - Natural Tone Heritage Throw

Posted on February 23, 2017 by Kirstin Gault

From start to finish, this throw has been made on our Victorian machinery - this is only the second time that this has been done since the restoration. 

The wool was carded and spun on our ‘Grade A’ listed spinning mule which dates back to 1870, and the throw was woven using our fully restored historic 19th Century Dobcross shuttle loom - these Victorian machines are becoming very rare and produce a unique woven selvedge, which forms the edge of the throw.

Made with wool from three breeds of sheep, the natural undyed throw features shades of off white, moorit, and soft grey.

The main body of the throw is made from locally farmed Lleyn sheep, with overchecks of Shetland Moorit and Norwegian Dala Grey.

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