In Production: Colourful Stoles

Posted on August 11, 2017 by Kirstin Gault

Colourful stoles are now in production...

We use the Sectional Warper to create warps ready for weaving. All the yarns needed for the warp are set into the creel, and the Sectional Warper winds equal lengths of yarn onto the beam, ready for weaving.

Our Dornier Rapier looms date from the 1980s. Rapier looms are shuttle-less, with weft threads woven across the warp by little pincer like carriers called rapiers. These looms weave much faster than the shuttle driven Dobcross loom. The Dornier looms weave around 300 picks (weft threads) per minute, whilst the Dobcross loom weaves around 90 picks per minute.