'Border Weave' A 1941 Film

Posted on May 29, 2014 by Emma Nicolson

We came across this fantastic short film about weaving that dates from 1941. All of the processes featured are still carried out today, and all the machinery looks very familiar too! From the sheep on the hill, the film follows sorting, scouring, carding, blending, spinning, weaving and finishing. 

Border Weave (1941) from British Council Film on Vimeo.

The Original Description is as follows:

Scotland's Woollen Industry
'From all over the world comes wool for Border looms. The theme of this film of the Scottish woollen industry is the weaving of Border cloth. From the preliminary grading and scouring of the wool, the blending of dyes, and the spinning of yarn, each process is described in detail.' 
(Films of Britain - British Council Film Department Catalogue - 1942-43)